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7 Year Bitch - Live At Moe [Vinyl + Vintage Sticker Bundle]

7 Year Bitch - Live At Moe [Vinyl + Vintage Sticker Bundle]

$ 35.00

This is a limited edition 180 gram vinyl record in red & black split color vinyl with silver ink. It also includes a 6 1/2" x 3" vintage 1990's edition chrome mylar sticker. Previously only available at live shows, this rare collector's item is not available anywhere else.

In the early 90's, Seattle punk legends 7 Year Bitch burst onto the scene with their raw songwriting and raucous live performances. After releasing their third (and final) studio album in 1996, the band was undeniably at their peak and electrified audiences around the world with their intense stage shows. During this time, the band returned to their hometown of Seattle and played a fiery show at Club Moe which was recorded and subsequently buried in the vaults for nearly 20 years. Recently discovered, this amazing live performance is the first release from MOE Recordings.

24,900 Miles Per Hour / Crying Shame / M.I.A. / Deep In The Heart / Hip Like Junk / Miss Understood / Rock A Bye / The Midst / Lorna / 2nd Hand / The Scratch / Kiss My Ass Goodbye